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    I am just a beginner but in my quest for a new guitar i have learnt some thing and would like to share with you

    which brand is more suitable for my age group?
    what i observed is that granada has small body when compared to pluto in terms of height and width
    well my comparison is between pluto hw39 and granada prs1
    i personally think that
    granada is suitable for ages 13-23
    pluto is suitable for ages 18+
    considering the aspect of body and the size of guitar and the height and weight and the comfort of the person buying it

    which guitar sounds better granada or pluto?
    i played a 5 year old prs 1 guitar with a hole in the body
    believe me even with a hole (covered) it gave wonderful sound
    better than pluto in mint condition
    the answer is simple the more aged the guitar is the better the sound of the guitar
    so the choice of mine is granada which give good sound when they age

    what kind of guitar jumbo or medium?
    believe me even a guy with my personality was uncomfortable with a jumbo
    the shopkeeper gave me a jumbo guitar to test
    so go for a medium one

    A cutaway or simple plain ones?
    cutaways reduce 15 to 20% of the body sound
    that doesnt mean that you shouldnt go for them
    cutaways allow you to reach the lower frets easily
    you wont be playing lower frets now might be later so that doesnt matter
    my opinion i felt a bit uncomfortable with a cutaway pluto in my lap
    but granada cutaway was good the size of the body and the handling was quite comfortable

    which guitar has better body granada or pluto?
    personally both are the same
    but the weight of the neck of a granada is heavier than plutos
    and the center of gravity is also different between both
    shopkeeper: every guitar that we get is from china they sell these guitars in a lot to wholesalers in india

    Furtados - granada
    Bhargavas - GB&A
    Singh Instruments - Jimm
    source:vader guitarist and tabber at igt

    i.e the manufacturers are chinese, the wholesalers are furtados,bhargavas,singh and the retailers are our general shops

    cost factor?
    there is a difference of 200 between both the guitars
    for me the granada was 2900 with bag and pluto was 3000 with bag (note resin bag)
    i spent an extra 200 for a softbag with foam

    how to choose a guitar?
    the first thing is take a givson and keep it besides a granada or pluto and observe the fret board you would know the difference
    check the bridge of the guitar the only thing that is sticking it to the body is fevicol or something like that
    so no gaps between the bridge and the body
    then see that the neck is straight
    and then see that the strings or not far from the fret board i.e the gap between the fretboard and the strings should be less less gap less pain in the fingers
    the next thing is that you should take a pick with you else ask the shopkeeper for one
    with out fretting any string play all the strings
    thats it you will know the difference in the sound coming from the body its like a speaker in your hand
    my experience i played with my fingers and was unable to notice the sound properly later when i used a pick at home i observed the difference
    note (the 5 year old granada sounded good even with out a pick)

    what colour should i choose?
    dont choose colours in granada they look ugly in colour (blue/black)
    choose plain ones they would give you a real feel of the guitar
    shop3: you can see finger marks on black coloured guitars
    sunburst nope didnt like it either too dark

    what i got from the shopkeeper?
    well 3 years repair warranty (Which does not cover spares and damages) only service is free
    note the shopkeeper said that givsons have only 1 year warranty
    2 givson picks (which were quite large)
    he offered me a discount for the straps for 100rs they were not worth it but after a week i checked out granada ones and bought one
    200rs etc for bag foam

    what kind of bag?
    i chose a soft bag that to a foam bag
    the ordinary soft bag was free with the guitar
    but if i buy a foam bag separately it would cost me 500rs so i had to buy it

    of all the videos i watched every one suggested a 1mm teardrop dunlop pick
    buy those

    in the end what kind of guitar did i purchase?
    a pluto hw39 as it is a bit big
    it does matter as my goal is an electric guitar
    ever heard of the song fear of the dark- iron maiden or highway to hell i would like to play guitar like that

    my suggestions?
    go for a granada

    what shopkeepers at different stores said
    shop1: buy pluto hw41 jumbo guitar that suits your personality pluto is the best
    shop2: granada and pluto and gb&a are equally good buy any of those
    this is one of the most visited and popular shop in the city sadly they didnt have stock
    shop3: dealers in musical instruments
    buy pluto its better than granada the body of granada is small than pluto and suits ages from 13years
    also when I asked him about metronome he said that I wouldn’t need it now but may be later
    and when I asked him about the tuner he said buy a clip tuner rather than normal ones as the accuracy would differ

    vader was helpful a lot
    he told me the wholesalers names
    so i asked the shopkeeper about it he explained the distribution chain
    he also said that jimm J&D are good
    and gb&a has lost its pride due to quality issues
    and of all the china guitars the standard ones are granada,pluto and jimm
    only because of their quality
    and the wood they use is seasoned curated over years
    he offered me 3 years warranty
    gave me chance to play the guitars
    tuned it
    and this is the shop where i played the 5 year old granada really good sound

    what i observed is
    some shops are good for accessories (shop2)
    and some for guitars (shop3)
    and some for both (shop2)
    (considering the price)

    and finally a guy who makes a beginner buy givson with out showing other brands is not a good seller

    thanks to vader and the whole igt members

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    reps to you for this wonderful on-the-road research

    As of Nov 2011
    Upto 4-5 k
    1. Granada
    2. JIMM/J&D
    3. Pluto
    4. Gb&A

    Above 5k
    1. Granada/JIMM/J&D
    2. Gb&A
    3. Pluto

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