graffities on the wall...

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  1. the boy is an artist
    ..graffities on the walls
    amusemets for dresses
    frowns for uniforms
    nights breeze & low lights
    even the rains paint some part
    he couldnt do it for any one
    but has to, for art
    for the art is like feaver
    like a pulsating oragasm
    grabs it ties it ****s it
    can't pause it
    thus feeds the hungry heart
    but i tell u the heart is selfish one
    it makes the boy do things
    things that pump the reddish white
    and a lot of blackish ink
    extreams of thin threads of faith
    with no concios of happens what
    streched till it breaks
    then what? then no toddlers toll
    or no messages, no calls
    then what? then 3 doors down
    or poets of the fall
    i told u the boy is an artist
    ..graffities on the wall..
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    i did not understand these sounding dumb..but i really din' ..
    the boy over here is an artist.. but to sell his art he is forced to do things or paint somethings that he does not really wish to.. ? am i on the right track ? if i am..i dunno .. i got confused after that..please explain..
  3. nope the boy is an artists and he not selling any thing .. free artist ..
    so he paints graffiti's (freelance) .. he needs ideas so he experiments.. he stretches every relation goes to extreme's and then all soft relations walk away (toddlers - other small kids) thus no messages no call ... then he listens to music (here without you- 3 doors down or carnival of rust by poets of the fall kinda songs) as i told you the boy is an artist ( artists mess it all to feel the difference to feed the art) .. (underlying thought this artists does things to feed the quest of art.. the poem reflects the shadow side of a particular artist and to a inquisitive reader must pose a question if art is soo much of trouble why does to boy indulge in it...?? not for others admiration .. the good work itself is a reward... )

    I wont give any more explanations .. i really dont like to.. if i have to explain that means i failed !!
  4. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    if u need to explain dsnt mean u means tht the reader's me.. :p
  5. if i would hv been u.. i wud hv written " u failed :p"
  6. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    haha nai..m too nice for that.. ;)

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