Google Earth Exposes IAF bases

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lord_neo, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Legally, you aren’t supposed to come within arm’s length of India’s military bases. Whether it is the naval dockyards in Mumbai or the air force bases in New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, they continue to be strictly out of bounds for unauthorised personnel.

    But technology, unerringly, finds ways to subvert the law. A little over two weeks ago, Google released fresh satellite images of New Delhi, south Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad as part of its new initiative, Google Earth ( ). These images, available to anybody with access to the Net, provide users with images of earth from space.

    Punch New Delhi and the software first zooms in on Rashtrapati Bhavan. After having taken a look at its lawns, take in a detailed perspective of Parliament building. Maybe, fly over the Prime Minister’s residence. And if that doesn’t satiates the voyeur in you, move over to Palam Airport where IAF planes are based.
  2. shak

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    so? .. lol ... there wont be anything spectacular there ..
    but if you are saying it gives the other countries to spy on india .... haha .. wake up dude .. there are alot more pro spies in india than you can imagine .. its full of them ... these days nothing is secret unless you keep it burried under the soil ... well not even that . .the iran's nuclear enrichment plant has been identified .. 2 miles under the ground .. lol .. so dun worry .. no one will be peeking at the migs
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    Did you even read the entire article before commenting?
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    hey Neo.. don't mind yaar.. Is IGT in some agreement with Google.. I can see most of the time... threads coming up with google realted issues.. *just kidding * google earth is a wow level software.. i can see 3D pictures of a city n wat not.. do u know what algorithm google uses to maintain such huge databases and retreive them so quick.. i know but can't share it here.. Google Proprietry Information...
  5. shak

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    No i didnt ..
    rem i am the QOUTE: stupid spammmer :p:
    EDIT: i just did and i am not far off ...
  6. lord_neo

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    There is no agreement with google presently.

    There was never doubt about that....

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