Good News: I have got New Gear

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Satch_fan, May 11, 2005.

  1. Satch_fan

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    Hello Guitarist Friends,
    I have finally bought a guitar, processor and amp.

    Guitar: Ibanez GXR370 - China made - Rs. 20000
    Processor: GT-8 - Taiwan made - Rs. 20500 (you guys really gave me a lot of good suggestions but I could afford GT-8. If I had gone for stomp-boxes I would have to pay much more as each of those comes for 4000 - 5000 here in Kolkata. Please understand.)
    amp: stranger cube20 - Kolkata made (I guess) - Rs. 2380

    I will post the photos shortly.

    Guys, but I have never used a guitar with Floyd Rose. So finding it really difficult to tune the guitar. It seems there might a particular way of tuning it.
    I am in a desperate situation now. I am hungry and have the food too but cannot eat it. I mean I have the guitar but cannot play it as I cannot tune it. :eek::

    Please help ASAP!!!!!

    Waiting for your help friends..............
  2. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

  3. deathdr_87

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    wat that doesnt give are the absolute basics -

    first take the allen wrench - ull have got these 3 lil wrenches with ur guitar - one will fit in those pressure apds efore the 1st fret - open the ones for sriing s u want to tune slightly - only slight - just release the pressure - dont remove the pads..... then tune the top E string... put the presure back on... check tuning - again tune it until u get into tune... then do the A stirng (yes i know both E and A are under the same pressure apd - but still only tune 1 string ata time)... go down till te bottom E (thats theone below the B)... repeat until ur guitar is tuned- ive found that this method keeps the guitar in tune for apprx 2 months under ehavy and i nmean heavy whammy use!!! (approx 30 divebombs and 15 pullups per session) not including the crazy whammy whistle noises

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