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    :dance: how can you rate a guitarist.....that he can play good solo's or he know many chords or he can play too many scales.....or his basic cocepts (theory) is good.....coz one of freind asked me that can you play guitar :cool: ....what do i reply him . :think: ..i can play 10-12 chords,play over 20 sings( which i remember) and also play 4-5 what should say to him.....i see an inter veiw of ali azmat in which he says that" a good musician is not that person who knows all theory of guitar,can play solos accurately and other... (teeen teeen toon tooon)
    a good musician is person who have passion ,play the guitar with heart even he is bearly playin tha guitar" this def is correct.....plz reply ....... :help:

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