Good electric guitar between 5000 to 7000

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ashish_10190, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. ashish_10190

    ashish_10190 New Member

    i'm a newbie.. i have never held a guitar in my hand.. i have great passion for an electric guitar.. i wanted to ask you if i can make my dream come true by learning an electric guitar..without learning accoustic first?..pls tell me a good electric guitar between 5000 to 7000..?

    i have been listening to western music for 7 years now.. and i prefer soft rock and pop.. pls tell me a guitar accordingly.. i would be very greatfull to you..

  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    well ashish, first of all if u have never held a guitar in ur life, then how do u call urself a newbie?

    anyway,u have a passion 4 music and a great desire to learn guitar.
    electric guitar is a bit difficult to learn,as a primary learning instrument,.
    importance of an acoustic guitar cannot be neglected, and soft rock music dosen't entirely consist of electric guitar.

    i recommend u to start with an acoustic guitar,
    once u learn ur basics on an acoustic, u'll see the brighter side.
    again and again, pro musicians turn to thier acoustics to compose the basic body of a song.

    well rest is upto u,

  3. dj_doctor

    dj_doctor New Member

    i get what u mean... all u need is a givson[for ur budget] if u go a lil higher up u can get a good deal with yamaha 112 or fender strat.....

    i feel electric is much easy though a lil investment is a must....

    get good marshall 10 or 20 w amp should cost around 2000 and get a effects paddle... these can be really expensive....

    my personal advice, hook up the guitar with comp and output into ur music system and get a effects software...


    if u want i can sell u gr8 guitar software and loads of books in pdf format, all my exclusive collection and various videos... for cheap... but u have to pay online.... pm me if interested...
  4. a#minor

    a#minor The Guitarist

    i think first u should try ur hands on the acoustic guitar u can start with an electric one but its my suggestion then u should try to learn how to play scales after getting master in that u should try how to play chords for help email me at i can send u some pdf of scales and give ya some lessons i have been learning guitar over a year and can play chords finely ..................u also try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do reply
  5. ashish_10190

    ashish_10190 New Member

    thanks a lot for your reply.. i'l first buy an acoustic and learn it.. thinkin of learnin it myself.. ofcourse with a little help from friends and through ebooks.. i'd need those lessons will contact you after i buy the guitar..

    cheers :D
  6. ashish_10190

    ashish_10190 New Member

    i got a signature acoustic guitar and have started off with it..i thank everyone who took the initiative and helped me out
  7. -Nemesis-

    -Nemesis- New Member

    And it's a wrong notion that acoustic is more important than electric =)
    It doesn't really matter what you start out with
    The main difference between an electric and an acoustic is the string thickness...You get calluses faster in an acoustic thereby making it easier for you to make it to play electric..but the electric is easy anyway..
    And acoustic isn't exactly the best option if you want to develop speed on it..Since Soft Rock and Pop are mostly chords..he obviously could start out with an electric if he wanted to =)...
    And if you're into lead and that kind of stuff,get a nylon stringed acoustic,or go for an electric..

    3DOORSDOWN New Member

    hy ashish..kitna ka liya signature guitar..
    and from whcih shop..
    u live in delhi nahhh
  9. timarp000

    timarp000 New Member

    Now that u have started to play on acoustic, once you play on an elec it'll be very easy! also 7K elecs arent that good anyway...
  10. abkinz

    abkinz New Member

    Please suggest me a good acoustic guitar to start with in the range of Rs 4000-7000. I am learning guitar and started with a second-hand Givson. Got bored of it and looking for a nice sounding guitar with good looks.
  11. timarp000

    timarp000 New Member

    You try semi-acoustic guitars. gb&a is a good brand. try fender and pluto as well...
  12. probal malakar

    probal malakar New Member

    He ain't gonna get gud electric guitars around his range. He can get many cheap second hand guitars from those listed at olx...n going for a strat copy wud b better option as per the music he's into. Few months back I had a guy selling a GB&a mb1 with some 15w amp at 5k. Both were in perfect condition!...n there is no shortage of deals like those.....
    PS: I cudn't find the reply link. So I posted to ur reply!
  13. Kshitij.metal

    Kshitij.metal New Member

    You will get Bullshit guitar at this price which sounds like shit learn more and increase your budget to 12 for Cort X1. But I recommend to learn Acoustic First
  14. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Actually I find it funny.
    I remember being in Visakhapatnam, in one of the hotels. A band was playing Dire Straits and "lighter" rock stuff.
    AMAZING guitarist.
    Amazing tone.
    Amazing tight band.
    Amazing music they played.

    You know what he had?
    GiVson entry level guitar (single coils, strat kind bridge).
    Zoom 505 guitar processor (yes the lowest one, with "crappiest" tones).
    Going into a Stranger amp (I guess 20W) used as monitor, and line out to the mixing board (and thus to the hi-fi speakers around the hall).

    Can you also tell me the definition of "shit" sound?
    And why is it labelled as shit sound?

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