Good Acoustic Guitar in 5000-7000 range ?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by abkinz, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I have been learning guitar since last 4-5 months. I started with a second hand Givson and am planning to buy a new acoustic guitar. I did some research but as I am very new it has become quite difficult for me to finally select one.

    Please help me in finding a good guitar within Rs 5000-7000 range. While surfing various websites I found companies like Pluto, Granada, Fender, Yamaha, GB&A, Cort ands Stagg. Which one would be good?

    Any input would be immensely appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards
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    Hello Abhilash, I have a "Pluto" acoustic guitar for sale (cs50c-bk) F - cut, in mumbai for 5k. It's a few months old in pristine condition (Read - no scratches, dings, etc). Had it professionally set up for great intonation and super low action. No warping, buzzing whatsoever ! Works well for standard, open & altered tunings. Have recently installed an onboard tuner and D'addario EXP strings. Had no intention of selling it, but 'am in need for some cash for new gear. Great for home use or practise. PM me for more pix / details (the vinyl sticker on the headstock can be easily removed, if you don't like it!)

    cs50c-bk 21.jpg

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