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  1. prakriti

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    hey guys can any one tell me how to play gm/g#m chord. i looked at the chord website n they show me to play with five fingers!! funny right.....can u plz tell me how to play gm chord!! plzzzzzzzzz
    i am watin for reply.
  2. sanju_strings

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  3. zicky5608

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    Don't you have five fingers? ;)

    1. Gm Chord is a barre chord. You place your index finger completely on the 3rd fret holding every string down. Let every note ring clearly.
    2. Your ring and your pinky is placed on the fifth fret of the 5th and 4th string respectively.
    3. Your middle finger is not used.
    4. G#m is done the same with barre on 4th fret and other 2 fingers on 6th fret.
    5. This is the wrong forum for such a post.

    Funny, a whole thread is dedicated to the chord Gm. We should have an orkut community for such a chord then lol.
  4. zicky5608

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    Check what out?
  5. vini

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    abbe sanju has given a link!..didnt u see it?

    this link has pics of chord positions
  6. zicky5608

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    There was no link when I checked it. He edited the post. :grin:
  7. shan

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    You have Gm open chord also :mad:
  8. zicky5608

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    So? Barre chord is better.
  9. shan

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    its not about which one is easier. I might say that for me Gm open is easier. Point is you should not misguide someone by making statements like "Gm is a barre chord".
  10. Gm [x x 0 3 3 3] open

    Gm [3 5 5 3 3 3] Barre
  11. zicky5608

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    I never said which is easier. It's just preferable to play a barre chord.

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