Girl pricks students with needle creating HIV scare!

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    PHILADELPHIA — The case of a needle-wielding youngster pricking more than a dozen pupils at a local elementary school has turned into a nightmare after one of the children was found to be HIV-positive in a preliminary test.

    The risk to students who were stuck afterward depends on factors including the depth of the stick, health officials said.

    Parents are furious. And scared.

    Although district officials would not confirm it during a community meeting, several parents said they were notified by St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children that one of the poked pupils was infected with the AIDS virus.

    Some students have already begun taking medicines in addition to a stomach protector to prevent the onset of the virus. :shock:
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    u can't say wat these guy wil do when they get frustrated!! :)....
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    the gurl did the needling
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    yeah yeah...i meant guys == "people"...:)

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