Gibson les paul studio lite for sale

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by nandac, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. nandac

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    An early 90s lighter version of the les paul with the center part filled with balsa wood to lessen the weight. Mahogany body with carved maple top/mahogany neck with ebony fretboard (normally found only on custom models). In red, with black hardware, 496R and 500T humbuckers, unbound fretboard with trapezoid inlays and slim taper neck. This model when introduced was pricier than the regular studio models due to its superior features. Some light scratches on the back of the body but the back of the neck and fretboard are without blemish. Some light paint wear on the head stock. Comes with tkl les paul hardshell case. Great player!!! 35k. If you want it with Seymour Duncan JB/59 pickup combo it will cost 42k. In Bangalore.

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  2. Thomas3

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    LP Studio Light

    If this is available, please let me know. You can send an email to:
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    hey dude I am from bangalore. I am interested. Leme know if its still available..
  4. nandac

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    it is still available. but i have one serious buyer. if he doesn't take it for some reason i'll let you know. let me know your phone number.
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  6. nandac

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    hey if you had only posted one day earlier - my wife flew to mumbai yesterday. i would have sent it with her. i am in bangalore. there is another thread which i posted recently - it has a pic of the lp along with a washburn hb35 and a warmoth tele.
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  8. nandac

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    btw the cost has come down man - for 35k you can get the lp with the sd pickups.
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    EDIT: sorry, i forgot that this isn'T RSGay....
  10. wylder

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    Any idea what Gibson neck dimensions are like? I couldn't find it on their site.
    I currently play a Ibanez RG520 w the Original Wizard neck. That's supposed to be a mahogany guitar with a super thin neck (18mm thick). I now need a second fixed bridge guitar and am considering LP/SG.
    A week ago I played a 2008 Gibson Studio and the neck felt like a log and very uncomfortable for legato runs. I guess it had a '59 rounded neck.
    Since you own and know a lot of high end guitars, can you tell me the diff between the Slim Taper neck, 50s neck, 60s neck, Speed Taper D(in Epiphone Prophecy Series that I'm considering). I'm okay with the weight of Mahogany but need a neck as thin as possible.
  11. nandac

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    neck profiles

    gibson normally has two neck profiles - rounded (50s) and slim taper (60s).

    the ibanez wizard neck is slimmer than the gibson's slim taper - but often considered too slim (many luthiers hold that it is the neck which is the real source of the tone - so the chunkier the neck the better the tone in their opinion).

    but gibson's slim taper is quite slim. so the studio you played probably had a rounded profile.

    most sgs have rounded profiles. very few models sport the slim neck - 61 reissue or supreme etc - generally the higher end ones.

    epiphone cannot be guarenteed to match gibson specs. i once had an epi elitist sg which was supposed to have a slim taper neck - but it was much thicker than a gibsons. so be aware of that.

    fender's "modern C" profile is also quite similar to gibson's slim taper.
  12. nandac

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    btw a slim tapers dimension when you wrap a measuring tape around the neck and exclude the playing part of the fretboard but include it sides is like 2 3/4" at the first fret and 3" at the 12th fret. with a rounded profile it is slighly thicker.
  13. nandac

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    hey here are some neck profile dimensions for you - measured at the 1st, 6th and 12th fret.

    sg 61 reissue : 2 5/8, 2 7/8, 3 inches (slim taper)

    sg classic : 2 3/4 inches, 3 inches, and 3 1/8 inches

    sg standard :2 5/8", 3" and 3 1/8"
  14. wylder

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    Thanks a lot for the data...

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