Gibson is coming in india , FINALLY :) !!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by anonymusneo, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. anonymusneo

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    Hi guys
    Gibson guitar's are setting up a devission in india :)

    Source : :( site says cant post url until 15 posts :(
  2. rickkkyrich

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  3. Anchit7

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  4. Fret One

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    I thought Furtados did Gibsons already. I am confused now. :(
  5. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    no gibsons in furtados or any other store...

    hope this news may be true..!!
  6. green_day

    green_day New Member

    datz pretty good...
  7. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Wow... I am awaiting March 27
  8. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Who gives a damn about Gibson when you have Roter (not the best, just here for the cheaper stuff one may want), Blackmachine, Oni, Conklin?

    Hell, anything made by Conklin will probably kick every damn Gibson out of business.

    What seems to me is that Gibson is nothing but a big name in the guitar business.

    Their coming here shows they've run out of options and run out of people to fool elsewhere.
  9. flood

    flood New Member

    so much fail all over this thread.

    gibson has been in india for years via furtados. since i started playing in 99, probably even before that. they never kept the guitars out on display as such, but i am 200% sure about this because i enquired if they did gibson or only epiphone. i can understand why they only did it on "ask-and-find-out" basis, the givson and kramer playing junta would have destroyed the good stuff.

    gibson's quality has taken a hit over the years, but i can't claim their guitars are bad as such. they're still mean, brawny, ballsy tone machines. played a recently manufactured, burstbucker equipped les paul traditional (desert burst - looked good, and made my amp cook. go here for some (badly recorded and completely untreated) clips: - that's the best my marshall has ever sounded, i think. one had to be in the room.

    meh. that's an invalid and highly subjective argument and a terrible comparison. i call BS.
  10. flood

    flood New Member

    additionally, i call BS on gibson india - this is what happens when MBAs try to run companies. the man doesn't understand india or the indian market, the indian consumer or how to promote high-end goods here. gibson will wrap up business and go back to their distributors within 5 years time after making sustained losses. i might not know much, but this is something i've seen and experienced first hand. it's a hackneyed non-sustainable business model cooked up by some new money b-school hacks who are in it for the short term and a CV filler.

    you have my word.

    Legolas: And my bow

    Gimli: AND MY AXE
  11. anilnediyara

    anilnediyara New Member

    Lots of interest created in Gibson showing interest in settting up shop here in India. We all know that brands do carry "value" and we have to pay for it. No one is forcing us to go in for ' The Brands', if one feels happy with a no name well performing product endosre it by using it.

    I feel that Big boys setting up office in India will be for our good, the dealers trying to inflate the price sky high will be controlled.

    Even if we put in all duties and taxes to 50% why should a guitar cost double that in US?

    Most product will have an export price of half of the local retail price, add 50% duties and taxes and another 33% profit you still end up at the retail price.

    This has happened to a certain extend with Cameras once the majors have setup their offices here. My only doubt is the present low volumes that may prevent them from operating at BEP or above. Hope they will come out with a business plan that works in our environment.
  12. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Well, more options is always > less options. I'd welcome any new guitars coming into India, even if the price is completely out of my range... So bring on them Gibsons! Even if I can't afford them, well, the price of the rest of the guitars will drop by comparison...

    BTW you can buy gibson from Bajaao, they have one single 1.5 lakh piece listed...
  13. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

  14. flood

    flood New Member

    except... the price drops will NOT be substantial. unless they decide to flood the market and take a massive hit. ok, write it off as a loss for a year - but keep in mind - if you start cheap, you CANNOT raise your prices as a big brand. they will have to sustain that model ad infinitum.

    i'm also not even sure of what the regulations are - i don't know if they're allowed to enter the retail market directly and set up, e.g. gibson shops all around the country.

    the business plan that works for india:
    1. support the dealer/retailer as much as you can. consumer trust here is important.
    2. invest your own money in marketing and education.
    3. DO NOT THINK SHORT TERM. india is the worst market to do that. invest in the future, and you will be rewarded.

    my knowledge of the subject - back in the day, a small but highly reputed company did import and distribution for a dental device manufactured by a large european company. leveraging its reputation, association and dealer network, they invested their time and energy into bringing up user knowledge in the field related to the product, which was till that point nonexistent in the country. it reached the point where the small desi biz shifted their focus from their core business to push things forward in this new venture.

    after around 10 years and a LOT of money invested into building up the brand, new legislation allows them to enter the market directly. they terminate the (sadly, non-contracted) distributorship agreement within 2 weeks, shortly after a large order to a large government institution has just been completed and demand that stock paid in full for be "returned" to them. they went on to flood the market and offer opinion leaders ridiculous perks, dropped prices to ridiculous levels, getting on the seminar bandwagon etc. etc.

    4 years after entering the market, and making cumulative sales of less than the old distributor did in a year, they closed up shop and left the market. heads rolled at the HQ. they had spent - i shit you not - 6 times the amount they made - trying to corner the indian market.

    this isn't an individual story - it's happening all over the place. it's killing distributors and killing market faith. if manufacturers dropped their prices and really went into nurturing future talent, they would make a LOT more sales of even higher-end stuff. time to decelerate and understand that your market is not simply a bunch of numbers whose interconnections, once figured out, will show you the golden path to fame and riches.
  15. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Flood knows it all bout rig and biz.. all hail the mighty flood :p:

    Coming to the point.. i guess there have been so many successful foreign investments in the country in the past. I guess it will be another. Reason being the Indian population and the popularity of western music here. I dont think they'll have a tough time here.
    People in India have welcomed Rolls Royce,Audis,BMWs recently the Bugattis. The number of consumers maybe less but so is their supply. They set their targets low and they succeed.
  16. anilnediyara

    anilnediyara New Member

    hi Flood,
    I do agree with you regarding strategies followed by some western business houses and how they have failed. I too dont expect the price of Gibsons to fall substantialy but it they can price them at par with EU price they may find enough buyers to keep the shop open. A US$3000 guitar may find a buyer for Rs1.5 lakhs plus or minus 10%. The present scene is that one has to shell out Rs. 1 lakh for a US$1200 guitar !!

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