Gibson 60's slim tapered neck vs. Ibanez RG neck

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Kauztuv, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Kauztuv

    Kauztuv New Member

    Wats d diffrnce in neck dimensions between a gibson 60's slim taper neck and an ibanez RG neck...?
  2. nandac

    nandac New Member

    the gibson slim taper is chunkier than the ibanez wizard.

    but i prefer the slim taper. the wizard is too thin.

    you can check the warmoth site for specs of the neck profiles. gibson slim taper is similar to the warmoth standard thin.
  3. Kauztuv

    Kauztuv New Member

    Well yeah..,,got an ibanez GRG 270 a few months back...n now i'v realised how mch i dislike playin it for its thin neck...for years before buyin dis guitar i ws using a thick necked acoustic...n nw with dis slim neck, playin only causes discomfort....ny suggestins for a good epiphone guitar....? Wat abt a les paul junior...?
  4. nandac

    nandac New Member

    hey a les paul junior traditionally has only one pickup at the bridge. and that pickup is normally a p90 - the gibson version of the single coil. so make sure that is what you want.

    i actually have one guitar for sale : a gibson (not epiphone) les paul junior special plus with humbuckers. it is a beautiful guitar with a slim taper neck (check my previous post on this for a pic). will cost you 45 k.

    i have another gibson les paul double cut with p90s - two of them. but haven't decided to sell it yet though.
  5. Kauztuv

    Kauztuv New Member

    Yeah..i'v seen all d specs of d les paul junior...its d sound of p90 or h90 dat i need...saw your i need it in d vintage sunburst finish or alpine white only...hope u'd provide me wth sum more info abt d availbilty....evn a used gibson wud do....
  6. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member many gibsons do u have dude? And where did u buy those from?
  7. nandac

    nandac New Member


    > many gibsons do u have dude? And where did u buy those from

    i currently have two les pauls, one sg and a lp double cut (with p90s).

    previously i have owned a hawk, a blueshawk and another faded lp dc.

    all from ameriga - where i worked for like 10 years or so.
  8. wylder

    wylder New Member

    @nandac: Sweet collection man. You are provoking a lot of envy out here :D

    @OP: Switching to a different neck can be a little uncomfortable at first. I used to think that I need a Gibson neck because I love Zakk Wylde stuff. And I used to love the feel on my friends' SG and LP studio. But then I found a gem (not JEM) of an Ibanez for sale with the Super Wizard neck (the thinnest, 17 mm at nut). After a couple of years, when I tried a LP again, I found it unplayable. My usual licks were coming out pretty sloppy. and my legato sounded crap.

    So get any one good guitar, build your chops on it, and stick with it. If you think you have spent a good amount of money on your current setup, don't scrap everything. Work your behind off with it everyday for 4 to 6 months and you will feel like a God on it. That applies to even Givson guitars because very rarely do people actually reach the stage where the instrument totally limits a persons technique from improving.
  9. Ishan_isaacs

    Ishan_isaacs New Member

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