Ghat Kaisi, Gustavo Santaolalla (Dhobi Ghat)

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  1. evani

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    I'm working on Ghat Kaisi by Gustavo Santaolalla from the movie Dhobi Ghat. The song is just incredible. I'm half way through but stuck where the chords kick in. I just cant seem to figure out that part. My guess is that its 'Em' or a version of 'Em' with varying bass notes ending finally with a 'B' , but i'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm trying to create a GP5 tab. I've figured out pretty much everything else (even the end) except this middle part with the chord progression. I'll post it soon either the whole tab or without the chords.

    P.S: Try to play it on a classical guitar...
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    I hope you have finished the tabbing .Can you please post atleast the tabs for ghat kaisi. I badly need the tabs for the song .Any help would greatly appriciated.

  3. evani

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    Ghat Kaisi, dhobi Ghat TAB

    oh!..forgot about this thread...the tab is done by the way..i've got a GP5 file...its not letting me upload it though
    i guess i'll upload text files then ..there are two tracks...acoustic guitar(nylon) and a sitar i'm guessing..

    please let me know if anyone knows how to upload a GP5 file here...

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  4. ChandanYp

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    Thanks :) Would you please post GP5 file if you've figured out how to upload? I've been wanting to learn this song for so long. i can also give you my mail id, if so you can mail?

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