GHAJINI-----"oru malai"

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    Hey all.... yeah its a lovely song and if anybody is lookin out for the tabs, i cud do it for u...!! i wont be including the lyrics since am not a tamilian and i dont want to embaress myself heheheh...!! feel free and do reply...!!
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    plz post the tabs
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    hey i have posted the tabs for oru maalai... check it out...!! and if u want the original version... do reply
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    gimme the orginal one
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    hi.. thanks for ur tab
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    search in the forum ther are 3 thread one for beginners and the other actual one
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    Can I have the chords together with the strumming patterns ? I am a beginner...Thanks, yea!!!!!!!!!
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    oru malai guitar solo, I hope its good
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    thnx dude alwayz
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    Keyboard notes + Guitar Chords

    Guys, i got this whislt i was browsin and thot y not not share it over here since its in much demand over here. I tried it and it seems to b quite good. The notes immediately below d lyrics r 4 keyboard and d 1 below dat r d chords. Enjoy.

    Scale/Key: Cm


    oru maalai iLa veyyil naeram
    GR S S nS n S R G
    Cm Bb Cm

    azhagaana elai udhir kaalam
    GR S S nS nS R G
    Cm Bb Cm

    satru tholaivilae avaL mugam paarthaen
    S S G M M M GM G R S nn
    Fm G#

    angae tholaindhavan naanae
    n G R S n m p S
    Gm Cm

    satru tholaivilae avaL mugam paarthaen
    S S G MP M M GM G R SRS n
    Fm G#

    angae tholaindhavan naanae
    nSnG R S n m p S
    Gm Cm

    avaL aLLi vitta poigaL
    nS R R R R GR S
    Gm Cm

    nadu naduvae konjam meigaL
    n S R R R R R G RS
    Gm Cm

    idhazhOram sirippOdu kaettukkoNdae nindraen
    nS G S n S G S n S n m p R

    avaL nindru paesum oru tharuNam
    nS R S R S RR G R S
    Gm Cm

    en vaazhvil sarkkarai nimidam
    nS R R R R M G R S
    Gm Cm

    eerkkum visaiyai avaLidam kaNdaenae...
    S R G M M R RM R M G RS nnS
    Fm Bb Cm

    kaNdaenae .... kaNdaenae
    G RS nnS G RS nnS

    <oru maalai ... naane>

    Charanam 1

    paarthu pazhagiya, naangu dhinangaLil
    P P P M G S P P P M G S
    Cm Cm

    nadai udai bhaavanai maatrivittaaL
    S G MP M G M M GMP M G M
    Fm Gm G7

    saalai munaigaLil, thuridha uNavugaL
    GMP P P M G S P P P M2MG S
    Cm Cm

    vaangi uNNum vaadikkai kaatti vittaaL
    S G M P M GM M R M G R R
    Fm Gm

    koocham koNda thendralaa rii sa
    n n n dpm p S S R S
    Gm Cm

    ivaL aayuL neeNda minnalaa rii sa
    pn n n n dpm p S S R S
    Gm Cm

    unakkaetra aaaNaaga, enai maatrikkoNdaenae
    nS nS n pnpm mG GM MP M R S n
    Gm Fadd9 Cm G7

    <oru maalai>

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