Getting my first Electric Guitar.

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by EdwardElric, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. EdwardElric

    EdwardElric New Member

    Ok i did my homework, browsed through many websites and read lots of lots of user reviews.
    Now i need some real advice from my desi guitarists.
    I have a budget of around 16K and i basically want to setup my electric guitar pack.
    Few options that i have are :
    1: Squier SE Stop Dreaming Start Playing
    2: ESP F-10
    3: ESP Viper

    My question is, which guitar i should go for that comes within my pocket, also if instead of looking for a pack, can i simply build my own setup, if yes would you like to share what can be the best setup i can get within my pocket.
    Thanks in advance.
    ahh btw i am newbie, gonna start playing guitar for the first time, just know a bit of tablature/theory and stuff.
    And played acoustic guitar like 2-3 times lol
    Please please help me guys in picking up a good guitar because a common saying i read everywhere is that "If you pick a wrong guitar when u begin to play, you get discouraged and end up quitting". I really don't want to quit.
    P.S. : If you are furious , that this is another repeated thread, well i made a search and it showed 235 results, i did read like 20 of them and couldn't come to a conclusion. Please pardon me for that.
  2. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    y do u want to go for a pack. U have a pretty nice budget in which maybe u could even get a good pedal.
    U can get good ibanez's and squier's within 10 k ( if im not wrong)
    a decent marshall or laney 15W would cost u around 3.5k
    and u have 2.5 k remaining for a pedal ( u can ask other guys bout this)
  3. EdwardElric

    EdwardElric New Member

    Thanks for the reply, i will sure consider building up my own setup however i need some data. Hope some more fellow guitarists help me with that.
  4. ddaggi

    ddaggi New Member

  5. abhijit

    abhijit New Member

    Even Iam planning to get an electric but am quite clueless as to how to go about buying one. Preliminary consultations, however, have yielded the following results :

    Buy the guitar acc to the type of music you wanna play. Blues & classical rock would be better played on strats (squier, java - single coil pickups) and ibanez(with it's humbuckers) is better suited for metal.

    Iam more inclined towards the former and had some queries regarding it

    1) squier, I guess, would be defly better than java but is java ok for beginning (as in you begin on it and later move on much better strats)? Any other suggestion for a strat copy ?

    2) Would a 3 single-coil set-up be more preferable than a HSS strat (I might want to play metal sometimes hence the twin-coil fixation)?

    3) Given a budget of Rs X, what proportion should I spend on the amp vis-a-vis on the guitar?

    4) Any suggestions for the amp/effects processor for the newbie ?

    5) Where do ESP guitars fit in ? Are they good ?

    6) Finally, which stores in Mumbai to go to for a good bargain ? (I know of Furtados, Musician's Mall, Shalu music)

    Thanks !!
  6. row.shiv

    row.shiv New Member

    On i found a pretty good deal. An Ibenaz GRX-20 for 10,500 rs. but can the site be trusted?
  7. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

  8. subhadipm

    subhadipm New Member

    If your a newbie then dont jump into the 10 - 15 k mark. It may be so that you loose interest and let the guitar gather dust. Try looking for an electric within 3,500 - 5,000 range. Then after playing and loving the music got for Squier/Ibanez etc.

    Then may be after 5 years promote yourself to 25,000 + range.
  9. royal terror

    royal terror New Member

    well if u wanna buy a complete set for 16k then u can go for ibanez grg121 or grg150 costing around 13500 and a marshall amp for 3500 or a beta alvin 2700. thats what i did . i bought my first elec abt a week ago(ibanez grg121).
  10. royal terror

    royal terror New Member

    ibanez grx 20 costs 11500
  11. jjoyz

    jjoyz New Member

    well id say go for the ibanez 170dx if ur into rock, great reviews n most guys recommend it..
    Rs12900 + 3300 for 10w marshall---at

    BUT as ur lookin for a pack ull be needing the accessories as well-picks,bag,cable,tuner,strap etc
    Well that would be costing that case u can go for a lesser costing ibanez and a diffrent amp or u might wanna stretch ur budget a little..
    Best of luck with whtever u chose n enjoy the guitar.
  12. jjoyz

    jjoyz New Member

    and abt bajaao i'd say its a safe site to deal with..i myself orderd stuff frm thr n its been shippd so im expecting it any day..
    There was a long delay.they said smthg abt new grg models arriving n thrfore the delay...i had to buy frm bajaao had no option coz no thrs no decent guitar shop within milessss...

    You can buy frm bajaao if ur willing to wait for sm time..ill let u know abt my order whn it arrives.
  13. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    ^^ hey nice so u ordered ur guitar eh??
  14. stallion02

    stallion02 New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I m jst a newbie in this interesting world of riffs and licks...basically i have the basic knwledge...i have gb&a acoustic guitar and now i wanna move to electric...m trying the ibanez GRG170DX...i saw it in and they were charging around 12000...but today i searched nearby shops in brigade road they told me it worth to get tat by Rs16500????i need help folks....m fm Bangalore!
    Sory for ma poor English:(((
  15. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    its bajaao not bazzao
  16. rickkky_rich

    rickkky_rich Banned

    try confirming the price from Furtados ... a shop near Forum mall..

    here's the address:
    No-116/C-1, 5th Block,
    KHB Colony,
    Near Forum mall,
    Tel: 080-41104304/05
  17. jjoyz

    jjoyz New Member

    hey razor ya man i ordered my guitar and guess wht it arrived today...took 25 days for it to arrive but at last it did :)

    And abt bajaao well it did arrive late but it was very well packed...but they forgot to send the strap..i guess ill mail them 2moro..

    Another bad news for me..a friend was fooling around with my guitar n he broke a string :((((
    Luckily i bought an extra set of strings but still hving problems fixing it myself..tried tht justin video but couldnt do it..dont wanna break this one too..will try again 2moro..i really dnt wanna take it to some local crappy guitar shop..

    And stallion buy frm bajaoo man if theres such a huge price difference...

    N i hv a question as well...wat is the purpose of a metronome?worth buying for a newbie like me..its around 1500rs.wat is its use?

    Btw my guitar looks awesome lol
  18. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    about the string i think its better u take it to a guitar shop ...if u cant do it instead of screwing it up more
    about the metronome its a really handy thing for scales and various other things (mainly for improving speed) Highly recommended for a newbie but not really worth 1.5k i feel
    instead u can download free metronomes and use it on ur comp

    there are some metronome applications which u can download and put on ur mobile/Mp3 Player and then use it

  19. jjoyz

    jjoyz New Member

    Thanks for the reply mate @ razor
    I was able to fix the string myself....tht justin video really helped..hes the man!

    ok then i think ill drop the metronome idea..1.5k is a bit too much then...
  20. r@zor2

    r@zor2 New Member

    1.5k is too much for a metronome i feel ....but u SHOULD use a metronome get one of those metronome softwares

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