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    Okay this thread is esp. for fellow newbies like myself...get more refined and more accurate search results by following these simple syntaxes...

    1)If you want to force a search use the "+" sign.
    eg. Typing Star Wars Episode +VI will give results focused on episode VI.

    2)Obvious opposite of the first i.e "-" can be used to omit some results.
    eg. If you search for apple in google you're bound to get results including steve jobs, mac, etc. If u don't want them type " -apple -steve jobs -mac" without the quotes.

    3)Use "~" for searching synonyms.
    eg. You want facts on food and nutrition type ~food ~facts.

    4)Here's a useful one...if you want files of a particular file type use the following example.
    eg.YOu want "the Da Vinci Code" in .pdf..then type
    filetype:pdf "the Da Vinci Code"

    5)For phrases use quotes.
    eg. Searching for "Every breath you take"(with quotes) omits results including just words like "every","breath",etc.

    By the ways this was taken from the Chip magazine in July issue of 2005.
    If you have the magazine I'd recommend u read IT.I hope this helps.
    Oh and if anyone knows any more tricks plz reply...
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  3. i'm_not_neo

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    Of course...

    Dude...I ain't blind to miss the "advanced search" option...this just saves time...
    but yeah that's an obvious option to my "tricks"
  4. jozko

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    I am not neo, I didn't knew tip 3. thx for sharing! it helps do share more. I am not the kind who reads whole manual before using a cell phone. helps people like me. do post, cheers
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  5. i'm_not_neo

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    A few more

    In addition to the are a few more useful ones....

    1)Suppose you want the cost of HObner guitars ranging from Rs.2000 to 5000 type:
    Hobner Rs 2000 .. 5000

    2)Sometimes our favourite web pages are removed from Websites.If the web pages are cached by google you can view them.
    eg. you liked a web page in but its not there anymore,then try
    "cache:" without the quotes.

    3)This is esp. for google toolbar users.If you want some particular info from some particular website use this syntax.
    eg. You want tabs for Yellow by Coldplay from IGT, type
    tabs +yellow +coldplay

    Of course for my third eg. ppl would rather use IGTs own search engine.But that was just an example.
    Again,these points are taken from the same magazine.
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    Hey thanx man i really needed these =)
  7. SG1

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    Really Useful .. hare reading manuals was ignoring this thread too but aahhhh some good pointers won't do that bad to ma brain.
    Thanks for sharing dude.
  8. alpha1

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    Google actually gives far better results than IGT's own search.
  9. jozko

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    ^ yes. But i am not sure if google indexes are updated so fast. So i always use IGT search to track latest postings.
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    Can U Guys Plz Tell Me How To Post A New Thread...i Am New Here
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    Hi Praveen, welcome!

    Click appropriate section where u would like to start a thread. Click "New thread' button - the one u see to the left and just above the list of threads. If u are trying to post in Hindi Tabs, this is the direct link

    change f to 7 for English forum

    I hope details are in order
    Any help needed, just ask and lot of people will help you, Look forward to your postings. rgds

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