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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by frankinsmoke, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. frankinsmoke

    frankinsmoke New Member


    Am quite interested in learning the bass.. Point being that i do not want to go through the 6 string. Plan on learning from the net or books etc. A friend of mine has very kindly passed on his old non functional Peter Pereira bass to me. I need to find out where I can get it checked/repaired.

    Secondly, I am looking for an amp. The best options so far seem to be the Marshall MB30 or the Laney RB2. Are there any other options that I would have?
    Do we have any bass starter kits available in Bombay? Any idea what the prices are?
  2. frankinsmoke

    frankinsmoke New Member

    ooh... lively.... are there bassies around here?
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    heh, i dont think so ...
  4. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    I'll be a bassy, now buy me a warwick 0.0
  5. frankinsmoke

    frankinsmoke New Member

    :D brilliant.. thanks anyway... generally i guess marshall is better than laney na...
  6. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    ^ Your wrong, the 10CD is better than the LX12 but when you go mid-range, the laney is much better (value for the money). I own a laney TFX1 and i love it. I dont think i will ever upgrade unless its a Tube Stack. Marshalls are just over-rated and expensive.
  7. frankinsmoke

    frankinsmoke New Member

    oh okay... just that i was checking out stuff on and noticed that the marshall MB30 had a discount going. sooo.... thanks a ton.

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