gazab ka hai din dekho zara chords

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    G G-Gadd9
    Guitar picking [4x]


    G C G D
    Gazab kaa hai din, socho zaraa
    Ye divaanaapan, dekho zaraa

    Em D
    Tum ho akele, hum bhi akele

    C D
    Mazaa aa rahaa hai,

    G C D D G C G G
    Kasam se, Kasam se

    [Repeat Mukhada]

    [Interlude 1]

    G C C G [2x]

    F F C C G D Bb G


    G G Em Em
    Dekh lo, humko karib se

    C C G G
    Aaj hum mile hain nasib se

    G C
    Ye pal phir kahaan

    D G
    Aur ye manjil phir kahaan

    [Repeat Mukhada]
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    good post dude..... nice try
  3. satan_rulez_u

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    G C D D G C G G=g
  4. crideep12886

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    hey are u sure this is the rite scale ... it sounds good .... but is it the rite scale
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    Please Send the tab of this song
  6. coach

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    thanks mate plz comment on my video

    Thanks for the chords. i m very new to guitar. but i somehow managed to get this song. the G chord here is it 320003 or 055433?kindly let me know. my link is appended below

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