garaj baras by ali azmat

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    hey these are my own version enjoy garaj baras

    Opening Riff

    B 3 1
    G 2 0
    D 2
    A 2 2 2
    E 0 0 5



    Em Am
    Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo
    Em Am
    Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo


    Bm Am
    Dekho kaise anjane rastoon pe barsee ghata aaaa
    Bm Am
    Aoo leleen mutwali mustani rutt ka maza aaa


    Am G D
    Aaa aa bhi ja meri jaan aa bhi jaa
    Am G D
    Chahe tu zeher de ya jeene ki dua
    Am G D
    Kaisa ye nata hai sansoon se sansoon ka
    Am G D Am
    Sun tu lee de sada bheegi bheegi faza aaaaa


    E 12 7 9 12 12 0 7 9 12 12 0 16 16 16 17 16
    21 21
    B 6 7 8 8 0 6 7 8 8 0

    2nd Verse has same chords as first. There is a lot of wah wah pedal use
    in the
    song both in playing the chords and the lead, gives it a Led Zepplin
    feel. The
    lead is not accurate, its just to give an idea of the scale that was

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