Ganguly is unfit to lead the indian team, Chappell emails BCCI

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lord_neo, Sep 23, 2005.

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    In a fresh twist in the Sourav Ganguly-Greg Chappell saga, the Indian coach sent an email to the Board of Control for Cricket in India president Ranbir Singh Mahendra criticising Ganguly's behaviour, a newspaper report said on Friday.

    It has been reported Chappell sent a six-page e-mail to the BCCI saying that Ganguly is mentally and physically unfit to lead the team.

    He added if India is aiming for the 2007 World Cup, then Ganguly's attitude and outlook are not ideal.

    Chappell is also miffed at the fact that the Indian captain does not follow the fitness regime prescribed and most of the time uses false pretext of injury to exempt himself.

    The Indian coach also felt that his attitude is affecting the team as the left-hander in indulging in divide and rule policy to retain his captaincy, due to which he has lost the confidence and respect of his team mates, aspects which are important for a captain.
  2. bjr

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    I don't know how reliable the source is but if the story is true, it can only hurt Indian cricket.
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    Let it hurt... Cricket should be banned in India, or players who don't do well should be sold to Pakistan or any other neighbouring country.

    Indian team plays more number of matches than any other team (As far as I believe), and no wonder that few batsmen in india score huge runs like sachin 10k......
    Say if sachin plays 50 matches and he scores 20 runs every match, it becomes 1k.

    I was crazy on cricket.. but now i just can't say.
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    i pray to god ganguli returns to 'es form soon :( i used to like him as a captain
  6. Nanda

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    hey these chaps are crazy .. recently read a story that those two buggers patched up .. Now wht happened to them again !!!!

    Hell with this entire damn thing .. Both of themn r acting like kids ...
  7. bjr

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    I doubt though that the wording is as harsh as has been reported...if it is, well it's certainly serious.

    However, I wouldn't really say good-bye to world cup'07. There's a very long time to go. I don't think anyone really gave India a chance in 2003 until they had actually been joint winners of the Mini-world cup or the Natwest which were both in 2002.

    Thank you for giving me a good laugh after ages. This above post is so stupid that I couldn't possibly have edited it to sound stupider.
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    Now? :grin:
  9. bjr

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    bwahaha, no! I suck at goodbyes. Ask Angela John :grin:
  10. NFR

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    Nope its not ganguly whos unfit... its chappel whos gon mental unfit to keep the team 2gether in his hunger 4 monopoly of d indian team...
  11. death_metal_fan

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    1 and a half year old thread dudes...
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    Ganguly should NOT accept captaincy even if he one day becomes "fit" all over again for the skipper role. He is a CLASS player when he's not under the pressure of captaincy. I seriously don't think that crowning him the champion is gonna make him anymore glorious than he already is. I love his Off drives
  14. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    "crowning him the CAPTAIN"

    i meant.............
  15. jamhead

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    damn and i thought that chappal had written a letter to bcci again.
  16. jamhead

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  17. notty_lad

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    Same here :p

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