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    Hows Dis, Plz Comment On It

    Games Today
    Im growing up so fast just like a motor car
    living in the fast lane, but im just oh so very tame
    im going so far away
    hey whats your name im taking up your precoius time

    playing those games you played
    be the the one whos in charge
    bells are ringing, we are singing
    be the one whos taking yourself to one bring to one another

    we are all one, we are all done in this century
    playing, sailoring away, taking it the mind games we play i say
    games we play, flying away books we read we all see
    im being free, im being so free, we are all so free

    grass is so green on the other side, people are so green, dying in there souls
    but the day comes flying by
    but the days go flying by eye eye dont know if im trusting you

    people today say
    people today, souls look at me
    see it how it is
    look at me
    look at me
    look and see
    i said look at me
    look at me
    look at me
    what do ya see

    Thanx For Reading
  2. madhuresh

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    great bono great ...this one is fresh...not the first few lines but yes the end part is jabardast....keep rocking
  3. bono

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    thanx madhuresh for ur worthy comments

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