Gal of ma dreams

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  1. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    This was my favourite song long time ago...yesterday i found it getting conered on ma hard disk...
    So thought about chording it...:beer:
    Sounds accurate to me,,,
    Any takers for testing this one..

    My Dreams
    Em G A
    You a re the girl of my dreams

    Em,D C
    In my heart I believe

    G A
    Yo u are the girl of my dreams

    Em/D(not sure whether Em or D)
    Baby, of my dreams

    G A
    I All alone in my room

    C G
    Wishing that you were here

    G A
    Without you in my arms

    C G
    I'm holding back all of these tears


    Em D
    Without you in my life

    Am B/Bm(not sure about B or Bm...both fit in there) C
    I'll never be satisfied

    ( Chorus)
    Sometimes I feelI could have been better to youAll I want is a chanceTo prove that my love is true
    (Repeat Pre-Chorus)(Repeat Chorus)

    Hope you like it:rock:
  2. ravi58

    ravi58 New Member

    good work bro...even my fav too....can i get the tabs
  3. born2tab

    born2tab rhythm guitarist

    here u go
    cud tab this much ...was running outta time...have a code release today:eek::

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