Gal mitthi mitthi bol chords

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    Hi guys
    This is my first post ................ there might be something wrong but I'll be waiting for ur suggestions

    Song: Gal mitthi mitthi bol
    Movie : Aisha

    Though the song is not played on guitar but it can be played simply by plucking these chords

    Chords according to me are in the key of Dm
    I prefer open chords but barre chords can also be played
    Gal mithi mithi bol,
    Ras kaano main tu ghol,
    Bajne de taashe dhol,
    Masti main tu bhi dol,
    A# Dm
    Mann ke naina tu khol,
    Chahat ke moti roll,
    Dil hota hai anmol,
    Ye daulat se na tol,
    F C Dm
    Aa soni teinnu chend ki main chudi pehnawa,
    F C Dm
    Mennu karde ishara to main doli le aawa,
    A# Dm
    Jaan leva teri adaa,
    Kaise na koi ho fida,
    F C Dm
    Tere ang sharara jaise mare lashkara soniye,
    A# Dm
    Dekhun to dil dhadake,
    Tan maine agan bhadke,
    Surat aisi mohini hai,
    C Dm
    Laga jaise sohni hai soniye,

    Gal mitthi mitthi bol..........

    Enjoy .....
    Suggestions are welcome
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    Hey can u plz provide the tabs of this song...i ill b very thnk ful to u...

    Thank u....

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