Gaarva Chords

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  1. contactsid

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    Song : Gaarva,
    compostion by Milind Ingle
    Rythm: Waltz. (1-22)

    Am... E7... G... F... Am ...
    Am... E7... G... F... Am ...Individual strumming.


    sign line:



    [ |Am|Am|E|E|G|G|Am|Am| ]
    [ |G|GD|D|Am ]

    Back to Verse.
    Back to Sign line.

    Try it out and do let me know !
  2. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

    Hey hav u learned guitar frm strings academy?
  3. kishorahire

    kishorahire New Member

    it sounds really gr8..
    can you plz let me know the strumming patters for the verse & sing line ..
    I tried DD-DD-DD

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