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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by Sonali, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Sonali

    Sonali ::>> Welcome <<::

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  2. jayanth

    jayanth &lt;.: : Call Quits : :.&gt;

    Wow.. Nice stuff. Cant figure out the first line..

    Anyways Sonali Ki Holo??
  3. prash_rocks

    prash_rocks Over the Hills &amp; Far Away

    haven't u heard that song? its from the movie zubeidaa, score by rehman. its a wedding song and goes like:

    "mehndi hai rachne waali, haathon me gehri laali..." and all that stuff related to marriages.
  4. jayanth

    jayanth &lt;.: : Call Quits : :.&gt;

    OK .. Not much of a Movie Buff.. Havent seen that Movie..
  5. prash_rocks

    prash_rocks Over the Hills &amp; Far Away

    nah nah i didnt mean it was really a very famous movie/song... i myself absolutely don't watch tv, and very few movies - that too only recently cuz my college got over.
  6. jayanth

    jayanth &lt;.: : Call Quits : :.&gt;

    Ok.. Now that you mentioned i checked out the song.. But still cant figure out what the lyrics are..
  7. Natasia

    Natasia ...

    hey funny clip sonali ...( the first one) ,,,, :) :) :) ........
  8. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    hehe , good one , really n joyed the 1st one , the guy makes me remind one of my college friend ...... hehe

    my speakers not working so cant help you the lyrics thing , prob u ve got ur reply...
  9. Sonali

    Sonali ::>> Welcome <<::

    Kichu naa jay (trilingual huh?)….....thanks for the lyrics prash, I love this song (I have a soft spot in my heart for anything related to marriages)….....Natasha the idea of it is kinda scary don’t you think?.......and bobby I think I’ve met this friend of yours (lol).
  10. jayanth

    jayanth &lt;.: : Call Quits : :.&gt;

    Ami teek hoiche..

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