Funny Bush Stuff!!!

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by light_of_erindi, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    here's one more of the all time hit scapegoat!!LMAO...hehe

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  2. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    lol . ha ha , thats the most sarcastic anti bush , i ve ever heard , nice one LOE ... ROFLMAO ... he he
  3. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Hehehehe. That was funny!!! LOL!!
  4. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    hmm i bet u guys havent seen the next pic in the same series... title = no more bush

    and am not kidding on this one
  5. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    ha ha , even that sounds too sarcastic ...
  6. JAZZ

    JAZZ New Member

  7. rockin'away

    rockin'away Banned

    hehehe:):):)... great one!
  8. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    Oh really Jay! Well I don't like that Bas**** Bush... Sorry Mr. Bush

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