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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by blackmamba, May 8, 2005.

  1. blackmamba

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    Hi All:

    I am in Mumbai again mid June and would like to thin out my guitar collection - making place for another baby in the house :shock: So, anyway, the guitar in question is an almost-unplayed ( a total of maybe 1 hour) Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Ebony (Black) in perfect condition, new set of D'Addario 9's and a brand new American made Guitar Cable and of course an orginal Epiphone Les Paul Hard-Shell flight case.

    I am expecting real offers over Rs. 25,000. Let me know (PM me) if you are interested at all. I am open to sensible offers and can negotiate if the price is right. Please don't make silly offers - or else....hehe!!!

    So, in summary:

    1. Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Black in Colour
    2. Lead Cable - American Made
    3. New 9s D'Addarios
    4. Original Les Paul Hard-Shell Case

    All in *Brand New* condition!

    Edit: I also have a Vinyl Decal to convert this Les Paul to a Zakk Wylde Bulls Eye design. That kit comes for Rs. 3,000 additional! It is the best you can find and non-permanent - you could make it permanent by spraying a coat of 'clear' on top!!

    Thanks for reading & Cheers!!
  2. rust_in_pain

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    could u plz post a pic??
  3. blackmamba

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    Certainly....the only difference is that the case is black and not brown - that is of my other GIBSON Les Paul....You will be getting a black hard case!


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  4. blackmamba

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    UPDATE: I am definitely in Mumbai for 1 week. Major change in plans (my work makes things very unpredictable). So, landing Mumbai June 11th - leaving June 18th - so you have 1 week if you wanna see the guitar and buy it. I have lowered the price to 21k.

    Also, have a brand new Keiper Les Paul copy. Its a very nice guitar - that will be for Rs. 8.5k. So, let me know if anyone is interested. I need to know *BEFORE* I travel regarding the Keiper. Will NOT carry if noone is interested.

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