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  1. pinkpunk

    pinkpunk New Member

    Hi guys any body listening??????? Tired of 10-5 jobs, wanna form a big blues band , any takers?Pinaki
  2. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    interested in blues

    are u in Kol? scrap me in orkut, my orkut login:
  3. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader


    there are lots of blues enthusiasts here in IGT. give us an idea about the stuff you listen to and the music you are planning to do if you form a band. people will be interested, i'm sure.


    personal details are not allowed in the forums. please read the forum rules before posting again. and this itself is a networking site for musicians. no need to bring in orkut when you want to talk to someone.
  4. pinkpunk

    pinkpunk New Member

    yup from south calcutta.
  5. zubin_deep

    zubin_deep New Member

    im in behala

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