frustratd wid ma guitar teacher - help..plz!

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by r_badees, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. r_badees

    r_badees New Member

    hey guys...m dam frustratd wid ma guitar teacher....hes 2 slow....n m frustratd wid dat m thinkin of learnin guitars on ma own....i dn hav a which guitar shud i acoustic 1 o electric....btw m a metal m naturally inclined towards electric was js wonderin wheder u guys cud help?

    p.s . i hate ma guitar teacher...basically cz he payz less attentn towards me..n csts 700 a mnth...moreover he teaches "dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge " ka tunes....:-(

    btw m a beginner...js 2 mnths ka trainin....
  2. r_badees

    r_badees New Member

    btw can u tell me which guitar 2 buy?n places in mumbai,mulund o thane?i kno furtados n wavez....
  3. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    1. Learning guitar is never easy. It has its learning curve and initially it could be really slow and frustrating
    2. I don't know for how long you are learning guitar, but it is surprising that you don't have a piece of your own. You need to buy one of you on day one of learning the guitar. You need to practice regularly and exactly as your teacher has suggested. This could help you to go thru the initial learning phase quickly
    3. Probably you have a teacher who is trained in indian music. Change him immediately and fine one who will teach you notes in western music notation, theory and chords..

  4. rama sundeep

    rama sundeep New Member

    hey frnd

    its upto you take a electric one
  5. Engage

    Engage New Member

    easy does it

    Dude you should not stop ur class.. it does not matter what "song" u learn it all has an end product : U GETTING BETTER .
    Yea so u like metal and so do I ! my teacher does not teach me what u can do is learn ur fav songs by ur own.
    btw acostic guitar is meant for beginners bt i took an electric cause i want 2 jam hard .. duh bt then u will take time 2 learn .
    basically it doest matter .. it all up 2 u .. i was in ur same position .

    so bro dont stop ur classes ( or gt a new teacher) and learn new songs from the net!

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