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  1. nandy0894

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    aah..!! i can't define frndship
    maybe its a bond...maybe a commitment or a relationship..
    well i dun' care bout wat it is...all i care bout is dat hw it makes me feel
    wen i am wid u...i dunno hw or wat feelings my eyes do reveal...
    i can hug u wen i am glad
    i can cry over ur shoulder wen i am sad..
    i can dare to b stupid nd wierd around u...
    i dun' actually smtymes care to care...wat embarrassment do i put u thru...
    well i can't thank u enuf 4 all dat u'v done 4 me
    well i am not being sentimenta bt i actually do feel glee...
    thank u 4 bringin' life to my life...
    thank u makin' me feel more alive...
    alll i wanna say is be b wid me forever nd ever...
    our bond our d only thing i want to savour...

    thnk u guys,,,,a very happy frndships day to u..!!
  2. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    soorrryyy....jus bear my abbreviatns dis time...plzzzzzzzzz
  3. i liked it...
    like al ur poems this one is also st frm heart

    cute thing :p
  4. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    thnk u soooooo much..!! ^_^
  5. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    thats a good thingie.....i came back after a long time and found this place dead otherwise, but for you.
  6. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    lol...thnk u... :)

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