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  1. sidblake

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    I could write for days, end on end
    like fields of maize, and the road that bends
    on goes the river, on does the snake slither
    see the rocks wither under weathered forces
    skipped rhyme schemes and interrupted dreams
    chaos interrupted in frames of synchronicity
    jung twists out terms by looking at evidence
    freud starts from dogma seeking providence
  2. sidblake

    sidblake New Member

    freestyle IV

    cryptic I am, and cryptic I always will be
    listen to your heart and cryptic is the cover of free
    I dare forsee the hidden ecstasy
    that rises when realized is individuality and Atman
    together in unison
    atheists point their sticks for evidence
    zealots sing gospels to prove their faithfulness
    mystics wander on paths as thin as the razor's edge
    letting the river bleed in order to reach the sea.
  3. freestyle is good style...

    liked these ..

    'listen to your heart and cryptic is the cover of free"
  4. horsesmouth

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    long time since i've seen such great use of words...good to read...
  5. nandy0894

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    dats naishe...liked it.. :)

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