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    i am in a golden cage
    and they feed me every now and then
    yet i am filled with rage
    for i have nothing down to pen

    from the iron bars i look out
    i scan the skies as much as i see
    and i have no doubts
    as i wonder if out there ill ever see me

    i see a friend who spreads his wings yet rides low
    for he knows he'll soon be claiming the skies
    yet he's here probably just to give me a shattering blow
    i see through the delivered fake promises and lies

    they ask me to sing
    i sing the song of freedom
    and they question that thing
    while i enjoy the stardom

    i am beautiful
    but that's not what i wish to be
    for me its dreadful
    for i can never fly away and be me

    they ask why the caged bird sings
    they'll never know its words all that i can own
    they do not see wmotions they do not see strings
    but i see my friend in the skies and i moan

    i sing a song of freedom
    in the hope of joining him
    for me he is the one enjoying all stardom
    he saunters past me for he knows my chances are slim..

    i cry to the skies
    maybe someday ill be with you
    dont count on his lies
    maybe someday ill claim you too..

    but for now its me and my song
    in the lonely golden cage
    i try not to weep, i try to be strong
    for freedom is not known to come with rage..
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    "that bad" ?? nobody has anything to say about it? :(
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    not at all bad infact i read it 5 times just that couldnt get time to respond..

    i loved the concept ..the caged and the free ...

    good one
  4. nandy0894

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    thank u .. i love irony..wish i was gud enuf to write bout such themes real well..i plan to try it more often.. :)
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