Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects: Sensorium Dei

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    This is a spoken word thing but still kicks ass:

    God's Eye Point Of View. Neither To Be Born Nor To Perish.
    Negation Of Substance. Impermanence Of Being, Everlasting Becoming.
    Unconditioned Mind, Expressing Absolute Revelation Of Truth.
    Manifested Beyond The Trans-Substantial »I«, All Being And Nonbeing, Neither Mind Nor Buddha. In An All-Embracing Immanent End-In-Itself, Paradoxes Are Unveiled. Contradictions Collapses, Where Boundaries Failed. Plunging Into The Vortex Of Darkness Divine, Entering The Void Where All Things Intertwine. This Is The Existence Of The Non-Existence Of Duality Expressing The Radiance Of Ultimate Reality.

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    thought provoking..:think:

    I'll chk it out......thanx for sharing

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