Forming a Rock Band in Bangalore

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by guitar_seller, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. guitar_seller

    guitar_seller New Member

    Hi guys
    anyone interested in forming a Rock band in bangalore?

    I can play guitar and can be a backing vocal as well.

    lemme know if anyone's interested ...
  2. amoladol

    amoladol New Member


    plz let me know the cords lesson as im biginner
  3. guitar_seller

    guitar_seller New Member

    wrong forum buddy
  4. makks

    makks New Member



    i am a beginner. learning acoustic since 2+ yrs on my own. don't know if i can be part of your band but we can jam sometimes. wat say?
  5. nimitr

    nimitr New Member

    hey buddy where in bangalore?

    i have learnt guitar many years ago ... havent got time from my busy work life to play it since last many months though :(

    i m more of a rhythm guitarist and less of a lead guitarist ... also can sing decently ... i m interested in acoustic rock / hindi rock / even sufi rock interests me a lot ... let me know if i can be a part of the band

    i had recorded few songs few years back.. u can check the same here
  6. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    i'm also from bangalore, interested in forming a band.. but i'm more into Metal than Rock..
    Tell me if u're interested...
    i stay in Indiranagar.
  7. metalmonke

    metalmonke New Member

    @rickkkyrich. i'll b in bangalore after a couple of days....if u r interested in jamming den lemme knw at dis thread...

    a hand towards friendship!
  8. flamebagh

    flamebagh New Member

    im interested

    im a singer who can sing a variety of genres perfectly and have a good range. i can play the guitar well (mostly rythm). have good music knowledge. looking for a band to be part of. i live in bannerghatta road. if interested contact me through
  9. sandeepsharman

    sandeepsharman New Member

    Hurry Up

    Hi dude,

    I have got an opportunity to make an album, so wanna launch it by forming a new band even i am also a Lyricist,vocalist & Rhythm guitarust.

    So plz keep in touch with me give ur details ill contact u or else take my no. +91 9035222924

    Feel Free to call me 24X7
  10. agustin

    agustin New Member

    Hi sandeep

    My name name is reeves iam lead guitarist i been playing guitar for the past 6year and teaching infosys as an music teacher, and even play in our church choir, iam planing to setup a gospel band let me if u can be part of it
    u can get in touch with me on
  11. Bluestreak

    Bluestreak New Member

    @guitar_seller-hey is the offer still open or am i too late??!!
  12. Bluestreak

    Bluestreak New Member

    Guitarist looking for band to jam in bangalore

    hey is the offer still open or am i too late??!!
  13. oska

    oska New Member

    band in bangalore


    I can only play rhythm now, but working hard to play lead.

    I have written many songs and have ideas in my head as to what they should sound like. I am sure my lyrics are good because i am a poet and my work was published by Penguin.
    But i cant sing.
    What is the status of your band now? Let me know.


    check out
  14. naveedahmed

    naveedahmed New Member

    naveed- bangalore(frazer town)-hi wassup ,, ? i am lokin to frm a band a hindi rock .. i require lead, drummrr, basist ... wot say ...??
    if instrd call or buzme 9945546639
  15. naveedahmed

    naveedahmed New Member

    i am lokin to frm a hindi rock band bangalore,frazer town

    require lead bassist drummer

    i am on vocals and rhytm guitar if intrsrt call or buzzme 9945546639
  16. naveedahmed

    naveedahmed New Member

    hindi rock band

    i am lokin frwd to form a hindi rock band if intrst call 9945546639

    require lead druumer bassist
    frazer town bangalore 46...

    i am on vocals and rhytm guiatr..
  17. naveed027

    naveed027 New Member

    hi im instrstd for hindi rock ......
    i can b on vocals and rhytm guitar ...

    location-frazer town
  18. muusic4soul

    muusic4soul New Member


    Looking to form a band as well..I love to sing and wana rejuvinate myself again by singing...
  19. arunmon

    arunmon New Member

    @muusic4soul....i plan to start a band with influences from psychedelic to prog....this is my id you are interested in singing let me know
  20. guitar_seller

    guitar_seller New Member

    sorry for the delay in replyin.. i'll try to contact you guys soon..

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