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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by manku911, Dec 29, 2009.

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    hi my anme is and some of my friends are forming a new band...a rock band (not metal)...we have two guitarists ,one vocalist..and a bassist...we are gonna perform for the first time in feb 2010 in our college fest in delhi and we are mainly practicing green day,offspring,hinder etc...coz the tracks are easy and can boost confidence after our first time......

    any suggestions are most welcome.....we generally prefer 80's and 90's rock along with punk and some alt rock( a few tracks).......

    lpease do comment or suggest us some tracks or some tips.....for the first time!!!
  2. dashingncool

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    Try these

    Try Holiday by greenday(American Idiot).. It ws my first stage performance track.. other than these, if you got a nice vocalist, you can give a shot to coldplay, and for easy and mpressive songs, try LP. Songs are real easy on guitar, jus need to work hard on vocals.. I m a guitar player in Delhi..

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