Forming a Hindi Pop/Rock Band in Delhi NCR

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by Shash_delhi, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Shash_delhi

    Shash_delhi New Member


    Iam looking for a drummer , a synth player ,a bassist and a rythm guitarist to form a Hindi Pop/Rock Band in Delhi NCR .

    I am Delhi NCR based vocalist who loves composing/writing songs. I can play intermediate level rhythm guitar too. Since i work full time so will be available for jamming on weekends.

    Looking for folks who r passionate about music and wish to work primarily on original music/songs but also on playing covers.

    Check my videos at my channel ( two covers)
    youtube dot com/user/TheAttiduderulez

    Check this link for one of my compositions ( vocals , lyrics and music compo by me ) :

    myspace dot com/shashanksongs

    Let me know if you are interested :

    reach_shash AT
    Mob : +91-987 135 1242

    God Bless !
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles


    I wanna do something like that. I'm a classical guitarist (Grade 5) and 7 string touchstyle guitarist (think 1 guy = 1~4 guitarists; look up YouTube for Stanley Jordan, Adam Fulara, StupidHatMatt, rjgoos, Jim Wright, Daniel Schell, Rob Martino, Krappy Guitar, Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, Mobius Megatar...that's touchstyle).

    Not sure whether or not I can take out the time right now, though. -.-'
  3. Shash_delhi

    Shash_delhi New Member

    @ultrabot90 : Great. Let me know if you would want be a part of the band and can devote some time on the weekends ( at least a couple of hours on either sat or sunday for starters) and we can plan something.

  4. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles


    "a drummer , a synth player ,a bassist and a rythm guitarist"
    I thought you WERE those. Lmao!

    In that case I'd be more useful. I can play basslines with lead and/or rhythm on the same instrument. But since touchstyle doesn't work with distortion unless you have a stereo instrument, I'll be doing no distortion, cleans only. Savvy? (if you're more towards rock, that's probably a no, and if you're more towards acoustic or clean kind of stuff, that's probably a yes.)
  5. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member

    hey..m a guitarst n even m interested..were do u stay shashi??
  6. Shash_delhi

    Shash_delhi New Member

    Hi Nitish,

    This is Shashank ( not shashi : ) ). Iam in Delhi NCR. Lets catchup for q quick chat somtime on gtalk or yahoo msngr to take this forward. Let me know your gtalk/yahoo addie.

  7. nitish398

    nitish398 New Member numbr is up...
  8. aviral1990

    aviral1990 New Member

    hi,im a singer and i play electric guitar as well as acoustic,like rock/metal as well as other forms. I reside in east delhi..will b very much interested in forming a band/jamming

    My number is : +919871278678
    do let me very passionate bout music

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