Forgiveness II - Shades of Blue

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    ......with a hope in my mind.....

    I know that I shall someday return,
    to get my chance to be.
    I know how you feel lone and disconcerted,
    I know that reason is me.

    The words I spoke for you,
    were'nt the thoughts that I had.
    And the nights of silence that followed,
    Just made the distance to add.
    Now I look between tiny windows,
    to the sea that is beyond.
    Trapped in a haze of fire; I'm a fly,
    A tiny piece of life in the sky.

    Now I live between two horizons,
    These light and dark shades of blue.
    I see some colours at one far end,
    I wonder if its you.
    So why dont you call out to me,
    I'm waiting for you to say
    yes; or I will soon be lost;
    There's a storm coming this way.

    I wonder if you hear me calling,
    there's no other way to comprehend.
    I ask for the sea to carry my voices,
    But these shades of blue would'nt understand.

    I know how your indifference hurts me,
    Your heart does'nt have a place.
    For now I'm living between shades of blue,
    Cherishing those happy days.

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