For Sale - Pluto Acoustic Guitar HW41-201C Cutaway - NEW!!

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    Folks, I have a Pluto Acoustic Guitar HW41-201C (HW41C) for sale. This guitar is brand new received from the store on 10th June 2012 with a valid 1 year warranty till June 2013.
    The current price in the market is Rs.5300 and I am willing to part with it for Rs.4500.

    It comes with D'Addario Acoustic strings (which I changed from the stock strings that came with the guitar.), a padded gig bag and I can throw in a set of Dunlop picks to sweeten the deal.

    Those interested can either PM me or email me at and I can send you the pics and we can get talking...
    I am currently based in Delhi NCR.


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    Guitar: Ibanez GRG 170 DX/ Epiphone LP Std, Cort AC12 Classical, Pluto HW41-201C
    Amps and Cab: Vox Valvetronix VT40+, Vox AC-30 Amplug
    Pedals: BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver
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    Finally managed to click a few pics... Well, even the plastic on top of the pick-guard is intact...


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    Bump!! Price reduced to 4000/- !!
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    Closed. No more up for sale.

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