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    Folks, my Ibanez GRG 170DX is up for sale. I bought it 18 months back. It has only been used at home and very sparingly because ever since I bought a Epi Les Paul I've been using it just to practice and stuff. In a fantastic condition with no scratches on it at all, I have taken good care of it with regular polishing, etc.

    If you are in Delhi NCR, you are welcome to come down and play it as well. If you are not in Delhi, you can view the high res pictures and the close-ups that I've put up or you could have someone take a look at it.
    If you are not in Delhi and are interested, we can talk about getting the guitar across to you since Chennai/ Bangalore/ Hyderabad or Mumbai shouldn't be a problem for me. I may be able to get it along since I travel to these cities.

    What comes with it: -
    1. Ibanez gig-bag in perfect condition (without even any dust on it)
    2. Whammy bar
    3. Allen key-set of 3.
    4. New guitar "rockcable" (never used) - I use my vox
    5. Joe Satriani picks (includes a new signature steel pick) and a thumb-pick (Jim Dunlop)
    6. Guitar strap

    Why am I selling: -
    I am falling short of funds to pick up RAM and high-speed SSD drives to run my 4 year old sluggish Mac, without which I can't earn a living.
    I have an Epi too which I play (only blues and jazz) on practically all the time and I guess I have to forgo the luxury of having 2 guitars. I've put up my acoustic for sale too.

    How much: -
    Given that a new GRG170DX is for 16300 at and in the same range in furtados and saptaswara in Chennai, I am expecting 10k.
    Interested folks can contact me via PM or email me at or call me.


    "I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie missed on both counts, but I never noticed" - B.B.King

    Guitar: Epiphone LP Std, Cort AC12 Classical, Ibanez GRG 170 DX (up for sale!)/ Pluto HW41-201C (for sale!)
    Amps and Cab: Vox Valvetronix VT40+, Vox AC-30 Amplug
    Pedals: BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver
    Others: GarageBand, Audacity

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    For Sale - Ibanez GRG-170DX some more pics

    Some more pics...

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    Sold! No more up for sale

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