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    Note : If you're still playing Hitman : Blood Money please don't read any further.If you've completed the game (or u thought u did) can.

    I was disappointed to know that 47 dies.I thought I couldn't expect another installment of the game.I don't know if this is common knowledge but Hitman doesn't die in the game.I mean you get to see the funeral but there's a catch.You have to tilt the left anolog stick left & right continously till he wakes up.So I guess Diane doesn't actually kill him.Enjoy the last mission.The objective is to "shoot anything that moves".
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    hey bro she gives hime the kiss of the antidote so it's obvious he diesn't die....and we noe there's a 5th inst on the rock on 47
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    old one

    read the disclaimer
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    ^^I kno...Devilshly posted it :)
    I felt it's suited here :p:
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    You are talking about the EIDOS one?

    RAKESH_GITS_FAN : <img src="


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    ^ Fvcking n00b spammer!
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    ওরে নবীন, ওরে আমার কাঁচা.......:p:

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