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  1. guitar_classic

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    hi hope this helps every1 over post ur replies thanku

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  2. shak

    shak Harrr!

    cheers mate!! good post!
  3. mr singh

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    hey.... great post... this has 2 b one of the best posts i hav eva seen...
    this pdf file almost single handedly explains everything required to start playing the guitar through tabs.
    btw, the asturias (leyenda) piece by isaac albeniz is a great piece, i was thinking of posting the full version up here some time soon... i am currently tabbing it all out (if that makes sense)
    that pdf file has some great tunes on it... e.g. lagrima and spanish romance :)
    one thing i didnt understand is why lagrima is under the heading of easy pieces??? it becomes somewhat tougher as the piece progresses
    neway, i have gone on long enough about how gud this is for begginners...
    time to hand giv some rep ;)
  4. @guitar_classic.. good one dude... classic stuff... keep posting...
  5. guitar_classic

    guitar_classic New Member

    thank you every1 ,.
  6. CrYpTiC_angel

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    great post.. thanks :)
  7. Intrinsic

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    Great source of information. Keep it up
  8. guitar_classic

    guitar_classic New Member

    thank u everybody .....
  9. amitrichardxess

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    thanks 2 u guitar_classic

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