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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by i'm_not_neo, May 12, 2007.

  1. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    I was thinking that posting new threads in Beginner's forum should be stopped.Instead,we'll redirect the beginners to a few Stickys first..
    Reading most of the posts they are:
    1)About chords
    2)Strumming pattern
    3)Reading tabs
    4)Guitar classes enquiry
    5)Electric Guitar help
    6)Guitar tuning

    I think we already have good stickys for 1,3 and 6.The seniors at IGT can perhaps make some (or find existing good threads and make 'em stickys) for 2 and 5.

    About enquiry (4),I'd say those willing should volunteer in being representatives of their city.We get one member for each metropolitan city and the beginners can just PM them for info..

    Having said this,we can include a category as "other queries" in case it doesn't fit in the 6 categories.
    After redirecting them to the stickys,if they still don't have their questions answered they can post a new atleast we'll know the question in something different and needs attention.
  2. zicky5608

    zicky5608 Power Shortage

    I don't think neo is gonna break his head for all this shit.

    Instead he'll ask you to have the 6 links ready with you so you can answer every question with those links instead of your answers.
  3. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    ^^ da idea is neo takes a lot of tym.........hes is still thinkin bout da mod thingy.............................
  4. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto


    I'm not asking him or any1 to implement it right away..its a suggestion.Read it,think over it and do what's right...
  5. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    not bad as idea...look for the threads you want to be made sticky
    neo wont bother looking for them
  6. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    You mean one mega sticky instead of many. Not a bad idea, lets create it then.
  7. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    Yeah..we redirect newbies there and if they don't get a satisfactory answer then they can post a new thread..

    Also see if PMing some specific IGT volunteers for guitar classes info is possible...coz there are many "guitar classes in xyz" threads..
  8. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Let me know what all should be included in this mega thread.
  9. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    1)About chords
    2)Strumming pattern
    3)Reading tabs
    4)Electric Guitar help
    5)Guitar tuning
    6)Bass guitar help
    7)Scales (Definition,types,how to make them...)
    8)Finger Exercises

    I have no idea about electric and bass guitars hence I didn't elaborate their subtopics...
  10. yazi

    yazi Banned

    I would like to add:
    1. Start off with sitting and holding postures
    2. Free hand exercises
    3. Music Theory
  11. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    I'm not sure if you're working on it or not...but it doesn't hurt to help so I've come up with a thread about chords consisting of the most common queries asked..will post it in beginners forum and we'll see if the rest of the IGT members want to add to it...If its good you can use it in the mega sticky..

    Working on the rest of the categories too..
  12. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    awesome! let me know when you make the thread.
  13. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    Posted it in beginners forum..titled "Chords"

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