Floyd Rose V/s Fixed Bridge

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by buningsilver, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. buningsilver

    buningsilver New Member

    I'm an amateur guitarist. I'm considering a a second guitar(first one being a very basic Pluto Strat copy). My budget is around 20k(slightly stretchable) and I'm considering these guitars :

    Ibanez RG370DX ;
    Schecter Omen 6 Extreme (FR) ;(I'm getting both in this price range)
    Cort KX5 FR
    Schecter Omen 6
    ESP M50

    PLease suggest other guitars in the mentioned, if possible. And please help me choose one of these guitars based on your experiences.

    Since I'm planning on having this guitar for atleast two years, and I want a good investment.

    I'm confused whether to go for a fixed bridge or a LFR. I play DROP D tunings pretty frquently. So do you think that having(or not having) the whammy bar will seriously limit me in the future ? I play metalcore,heavy metal, rock and some blues. But mostly Metal.

    Please help me out.
  2. ace41

    ace41 New Member

    I think you should go for some fixed bridge models. Unless you are a whammy maniac. The reason being your frequent Drop d tuning. (I dint know about others, but the rg370dx is a pain in the 'somewhere' when it comes to tuning and other setups). And all guitars in the 20k range have sucky tremolos. (I got a rg3exfm1 from ebay last month for a steal deal and it has fixed bridge and its good for changing tunings often)
    Also, i dont think anyone less than professionals should even touch the tremolo, but thats just a noobs opinion.
    I strongly suggest you look for Ibanez RGR321EX (~24k or lesser), its basically an RG with fixed bridge and emg hz pups (H-H) (you get better pups at the cost of a tremolo).
  3. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    ^Those pickups - the brand name is there but they're still said to be turdy. But yes, the RG321EX is generally agreed to be good for starters, and yes, buying a tremolo under ~35k is a surefire headache (not to mention unnecessary, as it is unusable, and inconvenient into the bargain).

    Buy a tremolo guitar only if
    a. It's above ~35-40k
    b. You've tested it to be good, are sure you don't need other tunings/have a backup hardtail guitar for other tunings.

    c. The guitar is perfect features, perfect price and perfect 'feel' for you and your individual requirements, but it is not available in hardtail (in that case, block the tremolo. Look it up on YouTube.).
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    don't know about the other guitars you mentioned but the GRG is useless when it comes to whammy stability.

    ultrabot summed it up pretty well actually.

    the fact that you want to play in drop tunings is a big no-no against non-vintage floating bridges. dropping your e will make the other strings go sharp, retuning is a real PITA. i had this problem when auditioning for someone here - the band played in drop C and i have a 7 string with a floyd rose.

    so if you want to play around with tunings, fixed bridge is definitely the way to go. if you want to divebomb or do ridiculous trem squeals, you will need that whammy. alternatively you could buy the $40 EVH d-tuna attachment (google it, i don't have the energy right now). that could be useful and you'll get the best of both worlds. the only sacrifice you will have to make is that you can't pull up on the bar.
  5. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Depends on what you intend to play. If you want to play stuff that need a whammy, go for it. Dont go for one just cause you dont feel like you are loosing out on an option.

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