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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Satch_fan, Mar 27, 2005.

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    Hello folks,
    Could you pls give some info on the floyd rose thing..there are two types of it i guess..one that could be bent towards one direction and the other both ways, right? which models of Ibanez, Fender and Tansen (!!) guitar is fitted with the later type. Is tremolo and whammy bar one and the same thing. Lookinf fwd to see some tremolo bar techniques techniques in the tutorial section
    Thanx so much guys...waiting for your replies.......
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    I read a recent article as how words are misused in guitar vocabulary. A tremelo actually means, change in volume. Remember Tremelo Pedals. Whereas vibrato means change in pitch which is usually achieved by the finger vibrato. Technically that bar is actually a Vibrato Bar and not a Tremelo Bar becuase the bar only produces a vibrato effect and not a tremelo effect. Anyway these two words are so easily and interchangeable used. I know it's out of topic.

    Somebody had posted a nice article on vibrato bars. I guess he'd show the proper link to Satch_Fan.
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    @satch....if you visit the official websites of these brands you are talking abt (ibanez, fender etc) and check out the guitars, you'll also notice their details where you'll come to know if the guitar carries a floyd rose or not. Ibanez guitars mostly have Edge pro system which are similar to floyd rose (better?).

    floyd rose is nothing but a bridge. It helps guitarist in many ways. since, while playing you bend the strings, the strings go out of tune. Floyd rose locks the strings such a way dat it helps the strings to be in tune and u can use whammy bar to make the vibrato effect PLUS you can do crazy insane things and sound amazing using whammy bar.

    initially, i was also confused abt tremolo system. thanx to DMF and IGT dudes.

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