Fix a humbucker in my squier california strat (bridge)?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by yazi, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. yazi

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  2. DagMX

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    If the bridge position already has space for a humbucker, then its simply a matter of opening your guitar up and disconnecting and reconecting. theres a guide as a sticky on here.

    if it doesnt have the space for the humbucker(ie only single coil), you'll either need to replace the pickguard and/or cut out the space for the humbucker which I would advise asking a shop or an expert to do.
    The other option if you dont have the space for a humbucker is to get a stacked humbucker. These look like single coils but are actually humbuckers(one coil on top of the other).
  3. laneymaney

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    your body cavity is already routed so all u need is a new pickguard...and id leave soldering to a pro :)
  4. Nouman011

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    I'd suggest a humbucker that could be coil-split, if you're going to put it on a strat. But then, it all depends on how you wanna use it I guess.

    And oh, solder yourself if you're confident. The joy of working on your own guitar is awesome. Just dont get anything too hot. Its really simple if you know how to read basic circuit diagrams.
  5. thehundredthone

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    ^ It's splittable. Maybe a push pull tone pot later on for splitting :think:
  6. yazi

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    But how do i change the pick guard?
  7. laneymaney

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    gotta buy one or get one made..
  8. Nouman011

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    @ thehundrethone : Oh, in that way, I guess any passive humbucker can be coil split. What I meant was that I dont think splitting the Super Distorion is such a good idea. Think, high output coil, without hum cancelling.

    @ yazi : Get it made, take your present pickguard out, trace on a piece of paper, buy acrylic sheet of desired colour and thickness, and get it cut at one of those wood working places with a band saw. the whole thing should cost not more than a couple of hundred rupees. Good luck.
  9. alpha1

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    Shouldn't make any diff.

    Lets say you have a pure single coil that has internal impedance of 500 ohms.
    Which produces a 1.5 V potential drop.

    The humbucker is higher output simply because it has two single coils in series. That makes its impedance 1000 Ohms. And hence the 3 V PD.

    That is the reason why we all call humbuckers as high-ouput coils.

    Now when I make a coil split, that means I am utilizing only half bucker, which = single coil wonly.
    500 Ohms, 1.5 V - presto, it is similar to our labelled pure Single coil.

    NB: Ofcourse, whatever numbers and figures used are fictitious, and purely for purpose of demonstration. The numbers represent simplifications of things happeneing in reality 
  10. Nouman011

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    Ok, let me try again, The Seymour Duncan 59 bridge, or the Dimarzio Paf Pro, or norton are also humbuckers, which i think are more suitable for coil splitting.

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