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    hey all....this is my first submission. im 18 yrs old and i have been playin guitar for about 2 months now and ive loved this site. time to give back to the community. i was checkin this site out for old songs, and i found a couple, but a lot of good classics were missing. one of them being "Jo tumko ho pasand" from the old movie Safar. so I took this out of my dads music collection and tried to figure out the chords myself. please give me feedback because im sure its not 100% accurate, and id really like to play this nicely.


    Song:Jo Tumkoho Pasand
    Movie: Safar
    Singer: Mukesh


    Em Em Dm Em
    Jo Tumko Ho Pasand Wahi Baat Karenge (x2)

    E E F Em
    Tum Din Ko Agar Raat Kaho Raat Kahenge


    Verse 1:
    Em Em Dm (C) Em
    Dete Na Aap Saath To Mar Jaate Hum Kabhi Ke

    Em Em Dm Em
    Poore Huye Hain Aapse Armaan Zindagi Ke

    Em Em
    Hum Zindagi Ko Aap ki,

    Am Em
    Hum Zindagi Ko Aap ki,

    Em Em Dm Em
    Hum Zindagi Ko Aap ki, Saugaat Kahenge

    E E F Em
    Tum Din Ko Agar Raat Kaho Raat Kahenge.


    Verse 2: (repeat verse 1 chords)

    Chaahenge... Nibhayenge... Sarhayenge Aap Hi Ko
    Aankon Mein Dam Hai Jab Tak Dekhenge Aap Hi Ko
    Apni Zubaan Se Aapke Jazbaat Kahenge
    Tum Din Ko Agar...
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    very nice of u ravi.parikh. Good to see youngsters posting chords for old gems. I want to try and hopefully post my thoughts here. Keep on posting
  3. vini

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    i dont have this song and cant even find anywhere for download
    but yes i think it can be played in key of E minor.


    [FONT="Century Gothic"]Em  Am
    Jo tumko ho....karenge
    Em  C/G
    tum din ko....kahenge[/FONT] 
    or sumthin like that.... :think:
  4. Morbid_Angel

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    yea Emin aint the perfect key..but chords aint that bad..good work.

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