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    Hey guys!This is Ali. Im new here at IGT, just got registered last night and found that no one knows decent chords for this great song. obviously these chords are not the original ones but sound nice with the song.. hope u guys would appreciate my first post..

    Looking forward to your precious comments

    e ----------------
    B ----------------
    G ---------9------
    D ---------9------
    A --7-------------
    E ----------------

    e ----------------
    B ----------------
    G --2-------------
    D --2-------------
    A ----------------
    E ----------------

    e ----------------
    B ----------------
    G ---------6------
    D ---------6------
    A --4-------------
    E ----------------

    e ----------------
    B ----------------
    G ---------4------
    D ---------4------
    A --2------------
    E ----------------


    (P1) kismat ka khel hai sara
    (P2) phirta tha mein awaara
    (P3) yeh kia se kia hoga(P4)yaaaaa

    (P1) 4 din ki zindagani
    (P2) har pal ik nayi kahani
    (P3) kia tha mein kiaaa banga(P4)yaa

    (P1) kia huaaa jo laree chooti
    (P2) jeevan ki gari looti
    (P3) Khuaab hai to mujh ko na (P4) jaga

    (P1) zindagi ik pal mein sali
    (P2) yun palat gayi hamari
    (P3) jhoot hai to maujh ko na (P4) jagaaa

    same chord pattern for furthur verses:

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