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    Hey people
    I wrote my first poem today on my 16th birthday which I spend without my mother who left me on 29th October 2012.
    But this poem is not dedicated to her but to my sister who made me happy when I was crying.

    3 months since you left me numb and broken
    Can’t understand why I was chosen
    To bear your separation
    Becoming an aberration
    Can’t stop myself from crying
    Am tired from constantly trying
    Can’t hold them in
    Feels good to release
    Feeling loveless
    Becoming hopeless
    Going beyond my limits
    Trying to bring her back
    Crying won’t help
    Have to be strong
    Remembering her good things
    For life has its scratches and dings
    Here I stand alone
    It is her I mourn
    Becoming sad every day
    Come what may
    Became more and more
    Separated from the world

    Then one day someone came
    Who was almost the same
    She held my hand and told me
    To be strong and cured me
    She cured my condition
    With complete dedication
    When I needed help the most
    She came to help and my aid
    For her this poem I made

    She consoled me and made me happy
    I’d do anything to make her happy
    For she is the one who cares for me
    Like no one else did
    For she is the one who cured me
    When I was seriously sick
    For she is the one who held my hand
    And guided me through the abyss
    For she is the one who makes my tears go away
    And brings a smile on my face
    For she is the one who touched my face
    And made me go to sleep peacefully
    She came to my help and my aid
    For her this poem I made
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    Why the last serenade ? Killswitch Engage fan eh?
  3. guitarplayer729

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    yes sir
    true fan

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