First Day with Guitar!!!

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  1. FguitaR

    FguitaR New Member

    I just purchased guitar last night!

    i DONT know how to play ..and any basic of it..

    tried reading a book..just figured out there are six strings it it..

    Left hand is used to press strings over the frets on the neck board...

    I have a major Question here...

    Is there any compulsion of the placement of the finger on the fret...

    Like the smallest finger is to be put on E string.Then next to smallest on the D string...

    Please guide me in this ..

    Also can you please suggest any absolute beginner book for same ?

    Thanks in Advance
  2. A for apple

    A for apple New Member

    there are lots of videos on youtube can refer to them for beginner guitar lessons or beginners guitar chords ...

    and other is up to u ...n i think there is no compulsion for placing fingers ...but in beginning you have to follow the book you are reading.
  3. First thing you have to make sure is holding the guitar properly. youtube videos might guide you... you must be able to stably place the guitar on your right thigh and the backside of your right arm... without using your left hand at all...

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