finish the day keep the 's

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  1. Under the thick mushorrms is a small groove
    soft to touch but often roudy
    the wiskey was warm, gulbed it neat
    to aflot the nose, he pulled the entire body

    still can catch on my senses, i can breathe
    i want the world drown
    Its a mid may night im floting on the river
    with the ferry playing 3 doors down

    he swims so well in the moon dipped water
    call's me in the lurid desire
    enslaved is my dream to his drousy request
    go-deep without my cupid attire

    man oh man u make me feel
    read and smile..yes me confess
    we share or lives a part of time
    finish the day keep the 's
  2. kundan22kandy

    kundan22kandy New Member

    great work monica dicosta
    i tried this song in Dm Bb f and c
    thnx ............
    waiting for ur next poem.....
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    ur works always contain this rawness......naturalescence that i luv 2 read
    keep it up!
  4. thanks kundan.. & horsemouth..

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